Product & Order

1. What is the minimum order quantity?
As the professional vehicles wholesaler in China, we usually accept a minimum order of a 20FT container (maximum 3 items mixed, contact us to find out the mixture solution for your order). Being a wholesaler, WLIE never sell to the general public (Consumer). Sample order is acceptable ONLY for serious business start. 

2. Can I have any discount?
Of course, the more products you buy, the more discount you get. Contact us for more details.

3. Can I customize my order? 
Yes, you can either choose using "WLIE" or customize the products by yourself or to say OEM. In the term of OEM, you can put your own LOGO,stickers, designate your preferring color solutions as well as other OEM requirements before the execution of the order.

4. Do the products come assembled? And how are they packed?
Almost all of the products we sell are 95% assembled, most only requiring that the front tire, handle bars be installed. All of our products are bubble wrapped,iron steel framed and paper honeycomb covered, which are to protect the products from scratching, rusting or any other possible damages might happen in the shipping process. It is pretty easy for you to assemble a whole vehicle within 10 minutes.

5.What is the lead time for an order?
The lead time is usually from 15 days to 25 days. We have our production schedules in order, producing a sample is no big difference from producing a container's order. Plus, we take no discriminations on any small order from any customer. All orders, big or small, will be scheduled one after one.

6. Do you have parts? Are they expensive?
Yes, each product listing on has its compatible parts available. All parts are direct factory wholesale price like the vehicles. Most customers will place considerable parts along with their orders to make full backup of parts maintenance. Contact us for parts quote for the item you wish to buy and we will send you via email ASAP.

7. This is my first time ordering products from China directly, how can I make the first order from you: WLIE?
We have a special page for new customers buying from China or buying from WLIE.We hope such a guide do a lot help to your purchasing procedure. Click Order ABC for more details.

8. How do I know your quality is perfect and how can I trust a wholesaler all the away from China?
WLIE, as a 20-year experienced scooter manufacturer and exporter, deeply believes that QUALITY is most fundamental factor to keep an enterprise surviving and developing. We are always expecting a serious customer to make a business visit to our factory before making considerable orders, where you can witness our complete assembly lines as well as the impressive quality controlling systems. Like what we said in the home page, WLIE never lives on the first order. It is actually those constant reorders after the trial one that make WLIE so confident on the quality of the products.


1. What kind of service do you offer?
WLIE provides many services smoothing your vehicle business: All year round ofparts providing, marketing consulting, shipping arrangement., etc. You may find our service advantages by clicking here.

2. What is your guarantee or warranty on the Scooter/moped, ATV/Quad, Dirt bike, Motorcycle, Electric scooter., etc?
Generally, WLIE offers one-year warranty on the Engine, Carburetor and Transmission. This warranty does not cover damages due to the lack of scheduled maintenance, or accident, act of God, misuse or consumer abuse or any disapproval modifications to the vehicle. Some vehicles may vary on warranty terms. The customer is supposed to claim warranty by taking some pictures of the problem parts and provide engine and frame numbers to us. Once the claim is verified, we will send out the replacements within a week by courier.

3. Do you provide any technical support,how long would it take to get your response on my technical questions?
Yes, we have technicians all year round to solve any technical issues related to the products. All technical questions will be answered within 24 business hours.

Shipping & Collecting

1. Is there a ship from Ningbo (Shanghai)to where I am located?
Port Ningbo, the second biggest port in China, stretching its ends to most ports around the world. You might not know which port you should choose or you are not sure which port is the closest to you because you are living far from the coast, contact us right away and let us help you find the right port and the most economical shipping solution. You may also choose Shanghai as the departure port.

2. Who will arrange the ocean freight for me?
In term of FOB, it will be a great honor that we help to arrange your shipping under your assignment. WLIE does NOT own a shipping company, what we have always doing is to give our best support to our customer, let the customer to get his orders safe, fast and right. You may either source for a shipping agent by yourself. In terms of CFR or CIF, WLIE is responsible to arrange the whole shipping procedure.

3. How long will the shipping take from Ningbo (Shanghai) to my port?
It depends on the destination port. For example, it will take 25-30 days to reach European Base Port.

4. Whom and when shall I pay the ocean freight? 
In the term of FOB, You are supposed to pay to the shipping company once the products reach your port. In terms of CFR and CIF, you are supposed to pay the shipping fee along with the commodity amount to WLIE before the execution of the order. 

5. How can I collect my products in my port?
Leave this job to a professional custom broker in your own country/region to avoid all the troubles.

6. My country has no diplomatic connection with PRC now, is it possible to ship your vehicles to my country?
We have experiences handling this kind of situation. .But we'd like to make a claim here: WLIE will never accept an order which is against any international trading law. We will NEVER accept any order when there is no way to legally deliver our products to the customers' hands. Contact us for details.

Payment & Cost

1. What is the quotation terms?
All prices listed are of FOB price. We also accept CFR, CIF and other terms.Contact us for more.

2. What is your payment terms?
We accept T/T (30% as the deposit, 70% as the balance).Sample order requires full payment in advance. 

3. Do you accept Euros? 
Yes, both Euro and USD are acceptable. We suggest customer make their payment by USD.

4. Is it expensive to import WLIE scooters, ATVs, Dirt bikes from China to my country?
China products are cheap and useful and our vehicles with high tech and good quality though, are of no exception. WLIE has engaging in the scooter ATV dirt bike wholesaling directly to the oversea customers a almost a decade. We are making great effort to bring you the utmost profit. 100% or even more profit you can make out of one single vehicle.